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Objectives for knowledge :

  • Understanding and practicing enzymology basics including:
  • Enzymatic activity
  • Kinetics of enzymatic activity
  • Immobilizing enzymes, a lecture and practice at small and medium scales
  • The beta-galactosidase as a prototypic enzyme
  • Hydrolysis of lactose, purified and contained in milk
  • Discussions on the strategies and results

Compétences visées

Objectives in terms of skills :

  • Acquire a good practice for work with proteins including enzymes, with kinetics
  • Using spectrophotometers
  • Acquire the notion of making appropriate graphs, of experimental variability/reproducibility
  • Be able to relate the theory of enzymology to experimental results
  • Be able to analyze and discuss on experimental results
  • Be able to present experimental results


Responsable(s) de l'enseignement
Claire Gaveriaux-Ruff :
Bruno Chatton :