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  1. Structure Chromosomes, chromatine, DNA
  2. RNA polymerases I, II, III, mitochondriale, (in plant).
  3. Sub-unites TAF,
  4. Regulation of transcription
  5. Epigenetic role, function, regulation

Compétences visées

Objectives in terms of competences:

This course aims at confronting the student with the fundamental principles of molecular biology in eukaryotes, and on the structure-function relationship of DNA and chromosomes with regards to transcription and gene regulation. Relevant basic terminology is introduced and general concepts and principles are presented. An important aim is to bring insight into gene structure, gene expression and gene regulation, including the differences between pro- and eukaryotes.


Publication, PDF lecture.


Responsable(s) de l'enseignement
Mariel Donzeau :