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Objectives in terms of knowledge (course content) :

The lectures will develop 5 themes:
We will first address some general reminders on electricity, principles, technologies, safety concerns, and have a closer look to the inside of an electronic apparatus in order to learn more on electronics hardware. The analog electronics technology will be introduced via the operational amplifier and its applications... We will continue the journey to reach the digital electronics technology which is driving our phones and computers and powering the internet. Finally, we will study some examples of sensors used for the measurement of various physical quantities.

Compétences visées

Objective in terms of acquiring competency :

The aim of this course is to make student more comfortable with electric apparatus they have to use in the biotechnology fields. Improving the knowledge helps to choose the right device for an application or to detect/fix a malfunction.

This course’s goal is to improve the knowledge of electrical or electronical apparatus used in the biotechnology domain. Optimal use of equipment is subject to a minimal understanding of the physical principles involved, of the processing of information carried by electricity most of the time, of the limits of the apparatus inherent to the hardware used or depending on the technology employed.



Bibliography :
Les capteurs. G. Asch, Dunod éditeur


Responsable(s) de l'enseignement
Morgan Madec :